Head Coach and Teachers

Georgette Rapley

Head Coach

Glen Jones

Lisa Jones

Angela Mitchell

All our poolside coaching and teaching is undertaken by volunteers who have recognised teaching and coaching qualifications. We like to offer members over 16 years old the opportunity to apply to undertake Level 1 Teaching qualification in return for assisting the coaching and teaching team. There are limited spaces available and if there are more applicants than spaces, we will use a fair process to select the person.


Streatham Swimming Club is run entirely by volunteers. There are many different roles and the committee meets once a month (except in August) to make decisions on all aspects of running the club. The committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in May/June each year. We always welcome new members to the committee and if you have missed the AGM there is the possibility of joining as a co-opted member of the committee.

The Committee:

Angela Mitchell – Chair

Georgette Rapley – Team Manager

Alisi Mekatoa – Membership

Gary Shearin – Assistant Membership

Ed Shrager – Treasurer/Communications

Lorraine Morrant – Social

Henrik Klaustrup – Ordinary Committee Member

Paolo Pelosio – Ordinary Committee Member

Tim Waters and Donna Notaro – Competition Secretary

Margaret Lewis – Assistant Social

Carla Salas – Swimwear

You don’t have to be a member of the committee to contribute to the club by volunteering as a time keeper, welcoming swimmers at the sign-in desk or just helping at our annual social events.

Please contact any member of the committee for details.


Swimwear will be available to buy on the the first Friday of every month during club training  contact swim@streathamswimmingclub.org

Swimming hat



sizes 22 – 32 £22
sizes 34 – 38 £25


sizes 24 – 28 £25
sizes 30 – 38 £28

Polo Shirt

sizes 22 – 36 £8
sizes 38 – 44 £9





Improvers 1 –  £30

Improvers 2 –  £42

Improvers 3 –  £42

Pre Competitive Squad 1 – £42

Pre Competitive Squad 2 – £42

Blue – £48

Bronze – £48

Silver  – £48

Gold – £48

Platinum – £48

Yellow – £42

Bank Details
Monthly subs should be paid on the 1st of each month.

Account Name Streatham Swimming Club
Account Number 51095196
Sort Code 40-06-32

Collecting Your Child from Sessions
The ASA view is that each affiliated club has a duty of reasonable care to swimmers, which extends to an awareness on the part of the club that their junior members have been collected, in so far as is possible, at the conclusion of a session.

All junior members and their parents should be aware that if they are not collected by a parent then they should make that known to the club Welfare Officer, or coach who will arrange for the swimmer to be supervised appropriately until a parent arrives or the parent communicates alternative arrangements.

If a parent is going to be delayed in collecting a swimmer, they should contact the Welfare Officer. However, this should be for exceptional circumstances only. No parent will be allowed to do so continuously as this places excess responsibility on the club and may be subject to an interpretation of an extended duty of care.

Streatham Swimming Club is a Competitive Club
Swimmers who are picked to swim in a gala must make every effort to swim. If you don’t feel like turning out on a weekend night to represent your club then you need to think seriously about what you are doing with us. We train swimmers to compete and can only support swimmers who are prepared to turn out at galas.

Behaviour Standards
Exemplary behaviour is expected of club members at all times. We often share facilities with members of the public and other clubs and we expect swimmers to show that the club has the highest standards. Older swimmers in particular are expected to set an example to younger ones