Diary of events 

Including holiday breaks in training sessions, club open events and time trials, galas and social events

December 2023
9th DecemberClub Presentation event and SocialTBC
19th DecemberLast swim of 2023 at Streatham PoolStreatham poolFirst swim of 2024 is 05 January 2024 at Streatham Pool
20th DecemberLast swim of 2023 at St JosephsSt JosephsFirst swim of 2024 is 10 January 2024 at St Josephs
January 2024
05 January First swim at Streatham PoolStreatham pool
10 JanuaryFirst swim at St JosephsSt Josephs

Regular Sessions

TUESDAY Streatham


FRIDAY Streatham

SUNDAY St Josephs